Freeholders tell County Voters no clue how to let you see meetings remotely. Youtube??

Our idiot Freeloaders are at it again. Same morons as last time when they wanted to kill animals and take money from Birdsall to create contracts only Birdsall could bid and win on. This time they says they can’t stream or broadcast county meetings because 8 years ago, Comcast wouldn’t stream them. Also, there is no reason to stream or podcast the county meetings because seniors won’t watch them anyway. Hey, buddy over here, I’m not a senior and I’d like to watch them and I can promise you, most seniors can click on a link on Youtube after you recorded and uploaded the file from the meeting. Look it up. Arrogant idiots. I swear these guys think we don’t have a clue or don’t care. I care.

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Hurricane Sandy denied or how all the NJ GOP blew off NJ Voters

As a Fellowes Repair Center for shredders, I work on machines all day. Noisy machines need lubrication. If you don’t apply special oils, nothing will work right and will most certainly break causing expense work to be needed to fix it. After waiting months for a bill to help out Hurricane Sandy victims (and you haven’t seen the worst of it yet as insurance companies cut and run), Speaker of the House Boehner decides at the last-minute after stating he would allow a vote on the House version of the Hurricane Sandy bill, to pull the bill and not allow a vote. When you consider that most major Hurricane bills were completed in 3 weeks, moving onto 4 and 5 months is just horrible. It’s winter for gods sake and you’ve got people living in the streets and shelters with little left.

In support of Speaker Boehner, from NJ, were our Congressmen who felt that the Speaker is doing a bang up job and voted for him to remain Speaker of the House. My personal feeling is a vote for Speaker of the House means he is doing a great job. I’m sure most voters in NJ feel very differently including Governor Christie. Politics as usual other than for Governor Christie who is screaming bloody murder at Boehner and getting no where fast.

Voting for Boehner to remain as speaker were:

  • 2nd — Rep. Frank LoBiondo, R, Atlantic, Cape May
  • 3rd — Rep. Jon Runyan, R, Ocean, Burlington
  • 4th — Rep. Chris Smith, R, Monmouth, Mercer (Thanks for nothing Chris)
  • 5th — Rep. Scott Garrett, R, Sussex
  • 7th — Rep. Leonard Lance, R, Hunterdon
  • 11th — Rep. Rodney Frelinghuysen, R, Morris





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I am honored to have your votes

I want to thank everyone for your support. I started my campaign based on a few plans. I knew fighting the Gilmore Machine and the Ghost of Ritacco would be tough but as one says, if I’m going to complain and want change in a corrupt environment, you have to apply yourself.

With no money, little name recognization outside of personal friends over the years, the support of the Democratic-Republican Party (with the county clerk illegally removing our slogans to make it hard to find like-minded candidates), getting bracketed with the 9/11 team, (Instead of getting completely bracketed with D-R Party), not putting a single sign up, not taking a penny of campaign donations, starting the campaign only six months into the election, and running with one of the best teachers and guys in the state, we still got 1 to 2% of the vote. With not having our Federally filed lawsuits getting a final hearing and removing major party status from the GOP in NJ and fixing the other issues I talked about above, Tracy and I still got over 7300 votes from people who are tired of the G’s and R’s running the show poorly. I talked to a lot of people on the sixth and a lot of said, they just ran their fingers straight down the column, but not all. Tracy and I got more votes than even the independent candidates running for President for the most part. That means, they had to look and find us to make that vote. That took work because the County Clerk made it hard to find us on the ballot.

I’m sure I speak for Tracy Caprioni and I that to have your trust and to get those votes was truly an honor and I think all of you for your support. This was my first time running for office and it was certainly a learning process. An eye opener if you would. I had nothing against either party. I just felt I and Tracy were the better people for the job this time around. With more time and prep work, we might change it next time. I do look forward to getting involved in more community and political groups in the future. I also look forward to giving this country its recognized 28th amendment to the Constitution. For more information, look at

Thank you.

Scott Neuman

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4 Hours to go. Regardless of who you vote for, Go Vote!

I love the Governor. “There is no more voter fraud then normal in NJ”. The GOP party is clearly responsible for election fraud as our lawsuit showed. It was so clear, the 3rd circuit court of Appeals rushed our case to be heard in their court two weeks ago. They were so shocked by what NJ did after we offered clear cut proof of election fraud that they tossed out the Federal Court in NJ’s ruling against us so fast, heads must of spun.

There is still time to fix the County Clerk’s illegal behavior in removing our slogans and not bracketing the Democratic-Republican Party candidates in the counties we requested as by law. Please vote for me. Vote for Tracy Caprioni. Vote for Eugene Laverge and Frederick LaVergne and Len Marshall.

I’m standing up for Fair elections. Fair to the parties, independents and the voters. Something you won’t get unless you vote for me. No one else is fighting for you other then the Democratic-Republican Party candidates.

A lot of you wrote me saying you were voting for me. I value that to no small terms. Thank you for your vote. With a little luck and your vote, Tracy and I might win. Please share this.

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Sandy Hurricane

The Neuman Families thoughts are with all those who have been and continue to be impacted by the strong storms. We are having phone and power issues off and on. If you need to reach us, email us at and we’ll contact you back as soon as possible. Again, our prayers to everyone that is affected by this storm.

Scott Neuman

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Asbury Park Press tries to hose Scott Neuman and the rest of the D-R Party members

I can’t believe I’m starting to dislike the Asbury Park Press. Why? As a candidate for Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders, I answered two questioners and Tracy M. Caprioni also answered the questions about how we’d work to make the county a better place for the voters and people that live here. I compliment Tracy pretty well here and I appreciate his expertise in a number of areas and look forward to working with him.

Imagine my surprise when I see that they didn’t bother to print Tracys replies at all, nor did they print Frederick John LaVergne’s replies and decided after I had replied, to add more questions but the Asbury Park Press never sent them to me to answer. And if you read my answers to the questions they did ask, I answered the other questions already. I  answered them on my own because the subjects needed to be brought up and dealt with.
For what they did print, here are the questions I did answer so you could make a decision on hiring me for the job of Freeholder for Ocean County.

Also, they bumped Fred from the upcoming Debate and only included Runyon and Adler.

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Stand up for Popcorn. Help the Cub/Boy Scouts of Pack 44 / Whiting Wawa Manchester on 10/14.

Update: Thanks guys. We sold a ton of popcorn, and meet a lot of former Eagle Scouts that stopped by and supported our Den and Pack.
And Pack 44 of the Scouts will be at the Whiting Wawa on Sunday selling Popcorn. All types and flavors. Help Den 9 and 10 from 9:00am from 3:00pm at Rt 539 and Rt 70 and I’ll be there from 1:30pm to 3:00pm saying hi to voters as I stand up for the position of Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders. Look for me standing by the huge bag of popcorn. http://www.scottneumanforfreeholder. com/
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Freeholders celebrate while the Bay Burns.

The Election for Ocean Board of Chosen Freeholders isn’t over yet but for some reason, the GOP candidates are having a party this Saturday in celebration of their victory. While the rest of the country seems to be dipping in unemployment, our Freeholders, that watch over 300,000+ people, are hanging their hat on 11% unemployment. They’ve basically said they aren’t spending any more money on the Barnegat Bay and it is fast declining even though there are green ways to treat most of the water and streams feeding into it that won’t break the bank. (One Candidate said “It’s just too expensive to fix the feeders” but hasn’t provided any studies to that effect.
Freeholders watch over the county. They are people elected to do a job. A job they haven’t done very well in the last five years. And since they are the GOP, they have no one to blame other than other GOP’s that haven’t help our county, like Congressmen Runyon and Smith. There are better Candidates out there for Congress like Frederick John LaVergne (who roasted both Runyon and Adler in the Asbury Park Press Debates) and Leonard Marshall. In addition, I’m applying for the Job of Freeholder as is my partner, Tracy M. Caprioni who might be one of the hardest working Math teachers in the Asbury School District. Tracy and I think along the same lines. With my business knowledge and Tracy’s understanding of Unions and his concern for the Bay, we both feel we can make a difference in our county. We are asking for your vote, come November 6th.

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Should we re-elect the GOP of NJ?

In Reply to an Opinion in the Asbury Park Press on 10/06/12 on why should we vote for Obama that has “done nothing”.

And no one is happy to see the unemployment rate drop nationwide to 7.8% and may go down again next month, no one but the President, Independents and the Democrats. Politics as usual has to end. It will end when we stand up and start replacing politicians that cater to big money that put them in office to do their bidding.

 I agreed to run for Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders with Tracy M. Caprioni for that reason. Tracy and I could care less about politics or finding “players” new jobs within the system. We want to work for the betterment of Ocean County citizens.

Why are we electing a group of people (The GOP that runs the County, and the two Congressional districts, and the state) that have worked in our county and District to loss jobs to a level that hasn’t come down from the top scale of 11%, (I do blame Christie, Runyon and the Freeholders for job losses, this is NJ, they have to own it), let Ritacco run wild with taxpayer money, let the bay and streams continue to be polluted when they have the power to stop and reduce it, and to a  Congress that worked to stop the President that was duly elected by the people who wanted change, for a four-year term, only to slam the guy to a stop after two years and complain his way wasn’t working, only 7 days after he was elected (Romney). The plan was a fair four years and in spite of an obstructionist Congress, we see a stock market that recovered, wars ending that drained our coffers, and the unemployment rate starting to drop outside NJ and a terrorist brought to terrorist justice. This was going to take 4 to 8 years to recover. I never expected the GOP to fight for a loss.

I’m standing up for Ocean County Board of Chosen Freeholders with Tracy M. Caprioni.

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Are the Clerks really printing the Ballots?

A recent Asbury Park Press article give the feel that County Clerks are printing the Ballots even though a Federal Judge has told them to hold off.

I’m hoping our county clerk didn’t print the ballots. We’re in Federal court asking the Judge to make some changes this year to the Ballots before they printed them so the ballots are fair to all candidates. The Democratic-Republican Party candidates Eugene Martin LaVergne, Frederick John LaVergne, Len Leonard Marshall, Myself, Scott Neuman and Tracy M. Caprioni and the Freeholders over in Burlington County are fighting to have our party and slogan added to the Ballot. The County Clerks have taken it upon themselves to either mark up the Ballot with “Slogan Pending” or No Slogan Given”. This after they crossed out our two-word slogans off our citizen signed petitions. In addition, they are also refusing to bracket those of us running with each other. By example, you’d if you live in Ocean County, you should see Eugene LaVergne for Senate, then either Frederick LaVergne or Leonard Marshall for the 3rd or 4th Congressional District and then myself and Tracy Caprioni for Freeholder.

Because the Clerks decided to move us around in all the counties, we demand this be a constitutional election and ballot and we are asking the court to force the clerks to do the right thing and group us together on the ballot.

In addition, since the Republicans didn’t have 10% of the voters at the polls for the Primary, we also want a shot at the left hand side of the Ballot with the Republicans in NJ. They should no longer be considered a majority party because they can’t even get 10% of the registered voters to the booth.

By the way, all the Clerks knew about the lawsuit and were told to hold off on the printing of the ballots. Anyone that didn’t, just cost you and I, the taxpayers,  a wad of money in a reprint. You should ask your current Freeholders if that is the case.

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